Madam Hillary goes last

On Face the Nation yesterday CBS’s John Dickerson asked Hillary Clinton about the FBI investigation into her private email arrangement for the official business she conducted as Secretary of State. The investigation has required the services of more than 100 FBI agents and extended over many months. Following the news last week, Dickerson asked whether the FBI had contacted her yet.

As always, Clinton characterized the investigation as a li’l old “security review.” See, nothing serious. She added: “No one has reached out to me yet but last summer, I think last August, I made it clear I’m more than ready to talk to anybody anytime, and I’ve encouraged all my assistants to be very forthcoming, and I hope this is close to being wrapped up.”

Dickerson treats Clinton with kid gloves, letting it go at that. The FBI appears to be saving Clinton for last, reserving its interview with the highest reaching object of an investigation until the time it has interviewed the others involved.

Say this for her. Clinton has chosen her media interviewers well. She hasn’t taken a tough question on the subject for a very long time. Perhaps her date with the FBI will be different.

Via Shoshanna Weissmann/Weekly Standard.