More on Trump’s Supreme Court List [Updated]

I agree with Paul’s comments on the list of potential Supreme Court nominees that Donald Trump released today. I have a few additional thoughts.

One of the judges on the list, David Stras, is on the Minnesota Supreme Court. He has stellar credentials, having clerked for Michael Luttig and Clarence Thomas. Prior to his appointment to the Minnesota court by Tim Pawlenty, he was of counsel to my law firm, but I didn’t know him in that capacity. Surprisingly, I don’t know him at all; that is probably because he is so young: 41.

Don Willett of the Texas Supreme Court is the rare judge who is a public figure. He is active on Twitter and is a hero to conservatives around the country. Check out this tweet, for example:

William Pryor was the subject of a heated confirmation campaign when George W. Bush appointed him to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. He was ultimately confirmed by the Senate on a 53-45 vote, as we wrote in 2005.

My sense is that the party is coalescing behind Donald Trump. No doubt this list of excellent judges will accelerate that process. Nothing concentrates the mind of a conservative like the prospect of Bill and Hillary in the White House.

UPDATE: A distinguished appellate lawyer emails:

This is the first time I could honestly see myself voting for Trump. I could never pull the lever for Hillary but Trump is an almost total unknown. The list of potential Supreme Court nominees is excellent and it’s obvious that Trump sat down with some people who know what they are doing and listened to them. Which is what he would need to do if elected. I’ve been before both Gruender and Colloton and they are thoroughgoing conservatives with plenty of candlepower.