Random Thoughts for a Wednesday Evening

1. The old cliché holds that Republicans fall in line (behind the inevitable establishment candidate), while Democrats fall in love (with some renegade populist insurgent). This year the roles have been scrambled. Republican voters—a sufficient plurality anyway—fell in love with Donald Trump, while the Democratic base won’t fall in line behind Hillary. They are smitten with Bernie instead, and it’s the Republican establishment that is having trouble falling in line behind the nominee.

2. Donald Trump is not a country club Republican. He’s the guy who built the country club for the kind of Republicans who wouldn’t approve him for membership.

3. Spot the odd phrasing in this Jules Witcover column about Hillary’s campaign woes: “Mr. Trump in turn seems more than willing to take her on right now, as well as her surrogate husband over his presidential indiscretions. . .” Wait, what? Bill is Hillary’s “surrogate husband”? Who’s her real husband, then? Huma Abedin perhaps? It would explain a lot. Over to you, Alex Jones. . .

4. About those absurdly long TSA lines at several airports. My recent experience is that the lines at Washington DC airports are still reasonable (relatively speaking). Merely happenstance? I think not; I doubt it is an accident that these nightmarish lines haven’t appeared in DC because of the clientele there. If two-hour lines started appearing at DC area airports, I’ll bet this problem would be fixed in about 24 hours, probably by making the TSA get a clue and do their job sensibly instead of stupidly. (Start by banning the word “profile.”) Memo to Donald Trump: Call for abolishing the TSA and you’ll win every air traveler in the country.

5. Finally, in the “Hit Back Twice as Hard” department, kudos to the Competitive Enterprise Institute for initiating a lawsuit seeking damages against the attorney general of the Virgin Islands, and taking out this ad in the New York Times today:

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