Spindle Time

Lots of good articles piling up worth posting in Picks section or discussing to some extent on our main page, but here’s a few that shouldn’t be missed:

Vin Scully’s 10 Most Memorable Baseball Calls. He’s only the greatest baseball announcer ever. That is settled science.

—California loses another corporate headquarters: Jamba Juice is moving it’s HQ to Texas.

Even NPR is starting to talk about how Hillary may well lose the election to Trump.

—Sigh: Obama is going to visit Hiroshima. And likely apologize. (I think we were the first to report on how he aborted this bad idea back around 2011.)

—Thomas Sowell on the “Dry Rot in Academia.”

—Meanwhile, in a related article, Peter Berkowitz ties our polarized politics to defective and left leaning liberal arts education in our universities.

A retrospective on the 1976 Paris wine tasting that put Napa Valley wines on the world wine map for good.

—”Democracy is Dead.” Wimpy Brits veto naming new research ship “Boaty McBoatface” after a landslide win in the polls. They should have named it the “HMS Donald Trump” then.

—This will harsh some green mellows: Scientific American: the era of cheap oil and natural gas is just beginning.


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