States Protest Obama’s Crazed Transgender Order

The Departments of Education and Justice have issued a letter to every school district in America, directing all public schools to allow “transgender” students to use bathrooms and showers normally reserved for the opposite sex. The administration’s letter doesn’t have any legal force, but carries an implied threat of litigation or cutting off of federal funding to any district that fails to comply. I have scoured the Constitution, but have not yet found the provision that says the federal government is in charge of school showers and bathrooms.

Happily, a number of states are pushing back against the administration’s absurd order. Officials in Texas, Arkansas, North Carolina and Kentucky have, at a minimum, objected to the administration’s letter, and the lieutenant governor of Texas responded with particular force:

Texas’ lieutenant governor said the state is prepared to forfeit billions rather than let the Obama administration dictate restroom policy for its 5.2 million students.

“We will not be blackmailed by the president’s 30 pieces of silver,” Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said.

Many things can be said about the administration’s foray into locker room politics, but the most basic is this: why do local school districts have to worry about losing federal funding? The federal government has no proper role in local education. Funding shouldn’t be an issue.

The Fort Worth Independent School District anticipated the administration’s diktat by decreeing mixed bathrooms and showers, notwithstanding today’s objections by the state’s senior officials. These are the FWISD’s instructions to schools and teachers on the subject of “transgender” bathrooms and showers:

FWISD Transgender Student Guidelines by wfaachannel8

Maybe I missed something, but this directive apparently is directed to all Fort Worth public schools, from elementary school on up. Teachers and administrators are instructed to humor all gender whims from kindergarteners, middle school kids and high school students. They are further told not to mention kids’ gender confusion to their parents, even, apparently, if they are six years old. This is completely insane.

What will happen in school districts that follow the Obama administration’s guidance, the first time some boys invade a girls’ shower, saying they feel a bit girlish that day? I’m not sure, but it won’t be pretty. The left’s shower initiative is crazy. Maybe this time liberals will finally pay a price.