The Labour Party Rot Deepens

Britain’s Labour Party has been roiled by a series of blatant anti-Semitic incidents involving members of Parliament and other party officials. Now, the Telegraph reports that the publicly announced dismissals of anti-Semites, totaling thirteen, may be only the beginning:

Labour has secretly suspended 50 of its members over anti-Semitic and racist comments as officials struggle to cope with the crisis engulfing the party.

Senior sources reveal that Labour’s compliance unit has been swamped by the influx of hard-left supporters following Jeremy Corbyn’s election.

The suspensions that have been made public so far are said to be just the tip of the iceberg.

Jeremy Corbyn, who was elected to head Labour last year, is a left-winger who has long had friendly relations with Hamas and Hezbollah, as well as with Irish terrorists. It is no secret that anti-Semitism is rife on the left, so the current Labour epidemic shouldn’t be a surprise.

When the Telegraph refers to an influx of “hard left supporters” of Corbyn, it isn’t exaggerating. Yesterday Corbyn addressed a May Day crowd in London. Flags bearing the Communist hammer and sickle were everywhere; the speaker in this photo is Corbyn:


How many hundreds of millions of people must be slaughtered, and how many more reduced to poverty, before knuckleheads stop dreaming of socialist utopias? The answer, as someone once said, is blowing in the wind.


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