The Week in Pictures: Going to Pot(ty) Edition

Pessimists used to like to say that the country was “going to pot.” But of course the new zeitgeist requires that we say that the country is “going to potty.” Any potty you want, apparently. Okay, I know this has become a dead-horse theme here (though some self-identifying horses, not to be confused with horse’s asses, will take exception to this figure of speech), but it’s the gift that keeps on giving. (And I think some readers, at least, would like to take a Trump break.) Liberate the potty! The final frontier of civil rights?? Speaking of horse’s asses, let’s start out with the Dowager Princess of Chappaqua.

Deal with Hillary copy Feel the Turn copy Hillart Thaw copy Hillary Satan copy Hillary Scotus Appointments copy Divided Democrats copy Bill Clinton Snail copy Hillary Strong Woman copy Two Faces of Hillary copy Hillary's Bern copy Bill C in Bathrooms copy Bill's Browser History

McAuloiffe Cookies copy

Bdernie Popularity copy Bernie Recess copy

One More Socialism copy Maysb Socialism copy Young Socialists2 copy Vermont Billboard Ban copy

Market's Fault copy Reform Serfdom copy

Racist to Progressive copy Without government copy

Self Funded copy Trump Slept Around copy Trump Scandals copy Trump Pig copy

Trump Day 4 copy

MacBeth copy

Guns vs Trans copy

Bathroom Solved copy Bathroom Drone copy King & Trans copy Tear Down this Stall copy

Dinosaur Hate Speech copy

Jim Jones Jokes copy

Godzilla copy

Look! Godzilla!!

Vegetarian Animal Cracker copy

Texas Valentives copy

Separated at birth?


And finally. . .

Hot Cop 2 copy