The Week in Pictures: Make Bathrooms Great Again Edition

The bathroom wars continue unabated, while the intensity of an intra-party feud threatens one of our major parties with likely defeat in November. You thought I meant Republicans? No—now it looks like the Democrats are the party that is going to come apart right in front of our eyes. That’s what happens when thieves fall out amongst themselves about the spoils. Hillary is getting so desperate she’s actually speaking kindly about her “surrogate” husband again.

Hillary's View copy

Bernie Rigged copy

Chicago Redux copy

Thinking About Tomorrow copy Clinton Man Brain copy

Security Inquiry copy Simplistic Hillary copy Hillary Liar copy

Hollywood Fools copy

Rcaist Rrump copy Make America Britain Again copy Three stooges copy Trump dream Team copy Trump of Liberty copy Trump Idiot copy Trumpiphant copy

Trump Doublestandard copy

Hamilton Burr copy What is Trump copy Trump Rolls copy

Brucelyn copy Moon to Restrooms copy Doctor Decides copy Hope and Sex change copy School Lunch Programs copy

Liberal Venn copy Klinger on $3 copy Back in the Bedroom copy Gump Restroom copy Bathrooms Again copy

Privacy copy Man Bun copy Progressives Then and Now copy

Obama Top Gun copy

Balitmore Trave; copy

Trigger Warning copy

The Graduate copy

Zombie Rights copy

Vader's Constitution copy

It's a Wrap! copy

Teenager Manniquens copy

Finally–someone invented a mannequin in the style of a teenager.

Take to Litre copy No Decaf copy Amphibious Pitcher copy Abridged Classics copy Use Tongue copy

Billy Bacon copy

Nigel Tufnel copy

And finally. . .

Hot caller 11 copy