The Week in Pictures: Presumptive Nominee Edition

Well, what happened this week? What’s that you say? Things that go “Trump” in the night keeping you awake? Clearly I picked the wrong week to stop huffing glue. Strap in folks, it’s going to be an interesting six months.

Hoosier Daddy copy

Trump Great copy

Stop Trump copy

Trump Over GOP copy Donald the Trump copy GOP Suicide copy Straight Outta Options copy The Wall copy Cartoonists for Trump copy Elephant Man copy Trump Nightmare copy Drink copy Kafka Trump

Trump TwoFer copy

This is why Trump is going to win:
Trump Out of Basement copy Trump of the Apes copy

Paid Trump Protests copy

Ron Paul too Crazy copy

Kasich Instinct copy

This works for me:

Bruce Rushmore copy


Deer for Hunters copyUniversal Lawn Care copy

Bill Clinton Wing copy

LGBT Sandwich copy

Sanders Guac copy

Obama Titanic copy

Bush Bathroom copy

This could pass for an IQ test:

XX-XY IQ test copy Unisex workaround copy

Nicholson Ladies Room copy Bathroom Descent copy Original Transgender Bathroom copy

Rosie O'Donnell copy

The liberal color wheel:Liberal Color Code copy Hawks Save Fish copy

1743481_293521310799291_1623168856_n 943039_10153705488255515_343688551_n


This explains a lot:Young David Brooks copy

Quality journalism:

Homicide Victims copy

Ikea Piano copy

Billy Bacon copy

Attack Dog copy

This guy is ready for anything:Guy with Guns copyAnd finally. . .

Hot Caller 9 copy