Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammon Grrrll is thinking allegorically about D-I-V-O-R-C-E! (An Imperfect Metaphor). She writes:

We should have seen it coming. Human beings can only put up with so much. Former slave and abolitionist, genius essayist, Frederick Douglass said it best: “Find out what any people will quietly submit to and you will find out the exact measure of misery and wrong that will be heaped upon them.”

It certainly seemed like a stable, long-term marriage. The man came from a family of wealth and achievement. He had good hair. Went to the right schools from pre-school on. The wife was a little dowdy, a little embarrassing. Religious, traditional, her kin were from the vast middle part of the country a liberal cartoonist once labeled “Jesusland.” She was a Walmart shopper, a little overweight. “Just go stand over there, dear, until we need you,” the husband said. She stayed in the background except every few years was trotted out for certain photo opportunities.

Sure, he let her down every time. Sure, he cheated and cavorted with unsavory folks he had claimed not to like. That was called “tacking to the center” or “reaching across the aisle,” but she noticed the reaching only ever went in one direction. He made big promises and broke every one. But the marriage “worked.”

And then one day, the man woke up to find out that the dowdy woman had up and left him!

HIM! With his good hair and good resume and sub to the Wall Street Journal. How could this BE? Why, they had been together for decades. The sheer unmitigated GALL of the woman! And to beat all, she had left him for a really inappropriate guy with a truly bizarre head of hair and a “take no prisoners” attitude that would have offended her grievously if she were not scared to death about the future, both hers and her beloved country’s.

“He’s not your type, he’s vulgar!” shrieked the abandoned man and his friends. “He’s not even a conservative,” sneered the opinion-makers who matter. “Yeah, probably not,” sighed the woman, “But, apparently neither are you!”

“But, but, but, he’s a racist, sexist, xenophobic fascist,” he sputtered, resorting to the name-calling usually shrieked by the totalitarian left. “Yeah, that’s what your buddies call ME when I say we need to show picture ID to vote,” she said sadly. “So, whatever.”

And so, they head for divorce court and there is weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth in the Land and predictions of disaster not just for the woman, but for all of humanity.

Forever and a day the Republican functionaries, opinion molders and talk show stars told the conservatives to come out and vote for the good guys who would end abortion, cut funding to Planned Parenthood, scale back government and promote family values. Time and again they mobilized and worked and voted into power – at least at the state and local level – the alleged defenders of the faith, upholders of the Constitution.

“Next time,” the Anointed Ones said, like a Cubs General Manager at the end of another season of futility. “Next time we will try to do one teeny thing we promised you.”

They couldn’t stop the Iran deal. They couldn’t defund Planned Parenthood after it peddled baby parts. They never cut funding to the NEA as “P*ss Christ,” “Dung Madonna,” “Bullwhip up the Wazoo” and every manner of assault on the sensibilities was billed to the taxpayers. (Try submitting a proposal to the NEA next year for a 500 ft. statue of Michelle, called “First Lady of the Compost,” made entirely out of rejected school lunch detritus. Remember to use the magic word “transgressive.” Remind them you are just “starting a conversation.”)

They couldn’t preserve religious freedom for nuns or cake bakers. They couldn’t keep creepy men out of women’s restrooms. They couldn’t keep Section 8 housing out of decent neighborhoods people moved to precisely to escape urban dysfunction. Remember the theme song “Movin’ On Up” for Archie Bunker’s black frenemy, George? No fair moving away from “justice-involved youth” now, George. With the AFFH project, your green government overlords can make sure criminals won’t have to drive fuel-wasting distances to find neighbors worth burglarizing. I’m sure the “right to burgle” is enshrined in some Constitutional penumbra. Privacy, probably. Burglary is a very private activity. Mugging, less so.

“What went wrong??” the rejected Establishment cries? Everything. And we haven’t even mentioned the border. Message: In Arizona, we care.

Can Trump win? How many genius prognosticators who say he will get creamed by Hillary also put money on him to fade in the primaries? Of course he can win. It’s what he does. Will we be better off? I don’t know. And neither do you. We have an electorate that voted Obama in twice and a culture of sleaze, slackers, tribal rather than national or even individual identity, and voracious entitlement, and therein lie much bigger problems than which depressing, preening narcissist gets elected this go-round.


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