Today’s Hot Reads

1. Did former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell really say that Trump would lose because there are more ugly women in America? Yes, he did:

“Will he [Donald Trump] have some appeal to working-class Dems in Levittown or Bristol? Sure,” Rendell said. “For every one, he’ll lose one and a half, two Republican women. Trump’s comments like, ‘You can’t be a 10 if you’re flat-chested, that’ll come back to haunt him.'”

And then, he offered this, perhaps jokingly:

“There are probably more ugly women in America than attractive women. People take that stuff personally.”

He’s hastily apologized, but this is the same guy who back in 2000 said that Joe Lieberman was an unlikely running mate for Al Gore because Lieberman is Jewish. From the Philly archives:

In August, the weekend before Gore picked Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman as his running mate, Rendell made news when he suggested that religion was a factor in a vice-presidential nomination, and that if Lieberman were Episcopalian and not Jewish, his selection would be a “slam dunk.”

Nice call, Ed.

2. Suddenly I don’t hear so many people saying that Trump is going to lead Republicans to a McGovern-like 50-state wipeout. Maybe because of this:

Yet another national poll shows presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in a head-to-head fight against likely Democratic foe, Hillary Clinton.

A new Fox News survey of registered voters gives the New York real estate mogul a 3 percentage point lead, 45-42 percent, over the former secretary of State. The result, however, puts Clinton within the poll’s 3-point margin of error, a metric political professionals use to gauge the true competitiveness of any race.

Remember, you heard it here first.

3. Redskins forever? Better order new fainting couches for the Washington Post.

New poll finds 9 in 10 Native Americans aren’t offended by Redskins name

Nine in 10 Native Americans say they are not offended by the Washington Redskins name, according to a new Washington Post poll that shows how few ordinary Indians have been persuaded by a national movement to change the football team’s moniker.

The survey of 504 people across every state and the District reveals that the minds of Native Americans have remained unchanged since a 2004 poll by the Annenberg Public Policy Center found the exact same result. Responses to The Post’s questions about the issue were broadly consistent regardless of age, income, education, political party or proximity to reservations.

But, but but . . . Harry Reid (and 49 other Democratic senators) have spoken! The name must be changed! Make up your own “Elizabeth Warren Hardest Hit” headline. And mark this as exhibit #12,892 for why Trump is winning.

4. Really good broadcast on the Seth Leibsohn Show with Charles Kesler of the Claremont Review of Books, on Trump and the state of the Republican Party right now. Worth a listen:


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