Trump Intends to Win

How can you tell Trump intends to win? Just check out this 25-second spot he released on Instagram this morning:

Liberals are horrified, naturally. Mother Jones has reacted with indignation, pointing out that Trump has been accused of being less than a gentleman on many occasions. It mentions that Trump’s first wife, Ivana, had accused him of rape at one point. But if you scroll to the bottom, you find this little gem:

Correction: An earlier version of this article mistakenly referred to Ivanka Trump, who is Donald Trump’s daughter.

They were in such a hurry they couldn’t even get the names straight. It bears pointing out that in the age when Bill Cosby is being brought into the dock for old sex crimes, Bill Clinton is fair game. Cue panic time at the DNC.

Bonus: Clinton Ally Terry McAuliffe Under Federal Investigation for Corruption


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