A Hillary-Elizabeth Warren Ticket? Say It Ain’t So!

Scuttlebutt these days points toward Hillary Clinton selecting Elizabeth Warren as her running mate. Not long ago, Warren was rather bitterly critical of Hillary, but all is now forgiven–the scourge of Wall Street and the candidate of Wall Street have come to a meeting of the minds. Today Clinton and Warren campaigned together, seemingly trying out their all-woman appeal.

All I can say is: please, God, don’t let it happen!


“Girl Power”? Hmm, not exactly.


The buzz about a possible Clinton/Warren ticket continues, as Ed Rendell committed the Washington version of a gaffe: he said in an MSNBC interview that “[t]he drawbacks, obviously, are two women on the ticket.” Good ol’ Ed. We can only hope he is right.

Donald Trump, perhaps seeing Warren as a potential adversary in the fall, trained his guns on her:

Donald Trump slammed Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Monday, calling her a “racist” and a “total fraud” for claiming to be part Native American.

“She made up her heritage, which I think is racist. I think she’s a racist, actually, because what she did was very racist,” Trump told NBC in an interview.

“We call her Pocahontas for a reason. She said she’s 5 percent Native American. She was unable to prove it. She used the fact that she was Native American to advance her career. Elizabeth Warren is a total fraud. I know it.

Trump promised to really get tough if Warren gets the V-P nomination:

Trump again called Warren “one of the least productive senators in the United States Senate,” and said he hoped Clinton would choose her as a running mate so he could “speak very openly about her.”

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. I’m not sure I can last through three months of a Hillary-Elizabeth Warren campaign.


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