Hannity surges on Trump’s coattails

I haven’t watched a minute of Sean Hannity’s Fox News program since he went in the tank for Donald Trump. I rarely watched him before that.

I haven’t been missed. According to Steve Guest of the Daily Caller, Hannity has enjoyed a ratings surge.

Guest says that Hannity in now number two at Fox News, ahead of Megyn Kelly, whom Trump has trashed. From the numbers Guest cites, it’s not clear to me that Hannity is ahead of Kelly; it looks like he’s ahead with the key 25-54 demographic, but not overall. However, there’s no doubt that he has done quite well ratings-wise of late.

There was a time when Hannity would blast center-right figures who deviated from conservative orthodoxy. So it’s strange to find playing him the role of chief media apologist for Donald Trump, who is anything but an orthodox conservative. It’s working well for Hannity, though.

If Trump is elected president, Hannity may become must watch television. The affronts to conservatism he will have to swallow and the gymnastics he will need to perform to defend them should be something to behold.