Jeff Sessions and Hillary Clinton React to Brexit

Senator Jeff Sessions released a statement on yesterday’s Brexit vote. As usual, Sessions has his finger on the pulse:

[The people’s] strong vote arose not out of fear and pique but out of love for country and pride of place. Their experience with a distant government in Brussels was given a long and fair chance to succeed. In the end, however, they concluded that the costs outweighed the benefits. …

Now it’s our time. The period of the nation state has not ended. No far off global government or union can command the loyalty of a people like their own country. Vague unions have no ability to call on the people to sacrifice for the common good. They seem incapable of making decisions and when they do, they have difficulty executing the decision.
In negotiations and relationships, national leaders should first ensure they have protected the safety and legitimate interests of their own people. This principle has been eroded and Brexit is a warning for America. Our British friends have sent the message loud and clear.

The interests of powerful international corporations, media, special interests, and leftist international forces are not coterminous with those of our people. This we must understand. The ultimate interest that our government is legally and morally bound to serve is that of our people.

Just as in the U.K., our November presidential election presents a stark contrast. The establishment forces, the global powers, are promoting their values and their interests. They want to erode borders, rapidly open America’s markets to foreign produced goods, while having little interest in advancing America’s ability to sell abroad. These forces have zero interest in better job opportunities and higher wages for our citizens.

It has been known for years that the European Union has often served as a barrier to its members taking action that would serve their own interests. Perhaps nothing proves this more definitively than the current migrant crisis, where the EU has clearly been part of the problem, not the solution.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, had this to say:

Hillary Clinton foreign policy adviser Jake Sullivan said on a conference call Friday that Clinton “doesn’t believe Americans are isolationist” and that the results of Britain’s Brexit vote will not affect the outcome of the American presidential election.

Huh? What does standing up for British sovereignty have to do with being isolationist? If you don’t want to be ruled by unelected bureaucrats, you’re an isolationist? If you don’t want your country’s borders to be dissolved by unlimited immigration, you’re an isolationist?

As is so often the case, it is hard to tell whether Hillary is clueless or disingenuous. Or both.