Looking Back at Ali

Ali 2 copyI remember listening to the first Ali-Frazier fight in 1971 on the radio—they didn’t have easily accessed pay-per-view TV back then (there was some kind of closed-circuit broadcast, probably in Las Vegas casinos), and I don’t know why it wasn’t broadcast on one of the networks, but even so it was dramatic listening especially to the late rounds. And the famous photo of him glowering triumphantly over Sony Liston has to be one of the greatest sports photos ever.

Lately I’ve been thinking a bit about how Trump reminds me of Ali in his heyday (with this importance difference: Ali was more articulate than Trump is), being able to get inside the heads of his opponents. This point comes out in the eight minute video below, where BBC interviewer Michal Parkinson brings up this very point about halfway through:


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