Ms. Psaki corrects

The now famous exchange on video between FOX News reporter James Rosen with then State Department spokesman Jen Psaki was sent down the memory hole by someone at the State Department. The exchange homed in on the administration’s deceit regarding negotiations with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Whoever dun it with the video at the State Department archives was likely acting at the behest of someone else in the Obama administration. Current State Department spokesman John Kirby has declared that the department’s less than Sherlockian investigation failed to identify a perpetrator.

Rosen politely followed up with Psaki by email:


Some have pointed to a certain aspect of your statement, highlighted below, as not removing yourself from consideration for having issued the order to edit the briefing video:

I had no knowledge of nor would I have approved of any form of editing or cutting my briefing transcript on any subject while at the State Department. I believe deeply in providing the press as much information on important issues as possible.

Of course, as Liz Trudeau and others have stressed, the briefing transcript remained unaltered the entire time. Do you want to issue a revised statement, asserting the same for the video, which was altered?

Forgive me if you have already put out something along these lines and I missed it.

Yours cordially,


Psaki responded:


My statement applies to the video which is considered a form of the transcript and every aspect of this.

I understand it is inconvenient for you that I have nothing to do with this given you have spent the last three weeks vilifying me on television without any evidence of my knowledge or involvement and without once reaching out and asking me, but I would encourage you to also ask the State Department if there is any evidence. A shred or any information at all that suggests I had any knowledge of this or any connection to this on any level. Hopefully you will find the time to spend on the range of global events happening in the world in between attacking my character.

Consider that on the record from me as well


Psensitive much? In response Rosen points out that he has never assailed Psaki’s character or ever asserted she was responsible for editing the footage. Nevertheless, Psaki’s psensitivity can only make one wonder.

From her position at the State Department Psaki has of course failed upward. She now serves as the White House communications director. Her current position in the least transparent administration in American history can also make one wonder.