No Wonder Sandernistas Want Free Stuff

Turns out a lot of Sanders supporters really need a lot of free stuff. Kudos to the Los Angeles Times for producing this chart, which shows that over a quarter of Sanders donors are not working:

Sanders Donors copy

Meanwhile, MSNBC is running the following ad starting tomorrow on conservative websites:

MSBNC ad copy

Sorry, but that lineup is one-for-six on having “conservatives” that most conservatives care  about, if in fact they don’t deserve exile (that would be you Mike Murphy and Nicole Wallace). Only Hugh Hewitt is someone worth listening to. Now, if MSNBC added Mark Steyn to its lineup, they’d get double the ratings of Fox News overnight. But then they’d have to haul Chris Matthews away in a straitjacket.

Next, the laugh of the day comes courtesy of Paul Krugman, who actually writes in his column today: “At this point Donald Trump’s personality endangers the whole planet.” Man, that is some personality! More powerful than a nuclear arsenal! The Donald—now the equivalent of 5000 megatons of TNT.

Finally, if you’d like to send an e-card wishing Donald Trump a happy birthday, the NRSC has set it up for you right here.