Power Line University (3): Brexit and the “Eurosausage”

One reason the “Yes, Prime Minister” series is so effective as a teaching tool about the nature of contemporary politics is that many of its story lines were taken from the real political controversies of the 1980s. One involved “bangers,” i.e., what passes for “sausage” in British pubs. The European Union, in its attempt to “harmonize” food standards, wanted Britain to rename “bangers” as something other than “sausage.” They were probably right on the merits in the abstract, but this is where national sovereignty and custom come into play. I recall the splendid article by Digby Anderson, either in The Spectator or National Review (I forget which) that bore the headline, “Hands Off Our Bangers, We Like Them Lousy.” (There’s a reprise of sorts yesterday in the Daily Mail.)

Naturally this was great fodder for “Yes, Prime Minister,” as you’ll see in this scene, which is quite relevant to the Brexit vote next week:

And as special bonus, Sir Humphrey explains the real character of the European Union:


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