Seems Like Old Times

Paul has already written about the forthcoming book, Crisis of Character, about the Clintons and their time in the White House in the 1990s, and I’m wondering how it will differ from the kind of revelations of Gary Aldrich’s book from back in the day (Unlimited Access). It’s not like we didn’t know about Hillary’s temper or Bill’s priapism.

But perhaps it will test whether the typical Clinton dodge—”this is old news”—still works. I can easily imagine that Hillary’s spokespeople will swat the book away with a single sentence along the lines of “Most people recycle their garbage into useful products, and readers will want their deposit back.” Of course, I can imagine Donald Trump talking about the book and forcing the media to give its charges more attention.

But then there’s also this, just out this morning:

Roger Clinton DUI Arrest in California; Impeccable Timing

Hillary Clinton‘s brother-in-law is sitting in a jail cell after getting busted for DUI in Southern California … just 2 days before the crucial CA primary vote.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Roger Clinton was arrested Sunday just after 8 PM in Redondo Beach. He was booked for driving under the influence, and we’re told he refused blood alcohol testing.

Good times! Good times!


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