That hideous length

Hillary Clinton failed to hand over to the State Department one of the key emails regarding the use of her private server for her official business as Secretary of State. The AP’s Michael Biesecker picks up the story from the Inspector Generals report on Clinton’s email server. The Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross adds context in “Clinton campaign admits Hillary didn’t turn over mysterious email exchange with top aide” (i.e., Huma Abedin).

The AP story is fraught with loose ends, but it does include this priceless quote from Clinton campaign flack Brian Fallon:

“Secretary Clinton had some emails with Huma that Huma did not have, and Huma had some emails with Secretary Clinton that Secretary Clinton did not have,” Fallon said.

Fallon declined to say whether Clinton deleted any work-related emails before they were reviewed by her legal team. Clinton’s lead lawyer, David Kendall, did not respond to a request for comment Thursday.

The AP story is suggestive of a multitude of crimes that Clinton committed in connection with her private email server. C.S. Lewis gave us Mr. Bultitutde in That Hideous Strength. Hillary Clinton presents as Madam Multitude — multitude of crimes, that is.