The essential Obama

Below is the video of President Obama responding to critics who note his avoidance of any association of Islam with the Orlando massacre and other such events. By contrast with his formulaic statement on the massacre this past Sunday, Obama is impassioned as he responds to his critics. Message: he cares. He cares to reiterate that he has it right and isn’t going to let events make him rethink his ways.

Events have conspired to make him look like a fool and a failure (not that he understands that). After all, the murderer appears to have been inspired by the JV team, as Obama had designated it. Osama bin Laden is dead, but the terrorists are not on the run.

Obama takes the criticism personally. Events have transpired to make him look like a fool (not that he realizes it). He is sarcastic and angry. He is condescending. He wags his finger as he lectures his critics. The straw man is the essential tool of his oratory. He cannot persuade anyone who is not already a true believer, for he is utterly obnoxious. Here we have the essential Obama.

RCP has posted a transcript of the remarks in relevant part here. John Podhoretz comments on the remarks here. David Harsanyi also seeks to limn the essential Obama in “Obama substitutes political correctness for reality.”