The Runup to Brexit

I’m on the road the last half of this week, though I shall be checking in later on likely with some Power Line “minicasts” with notable thinkers attending the same conference where I’m turning up. Suffice it to say in one sentence that tomorrow’s Brexit vote in Britain is one of the most important political events of the last generation, as this is no ordinary referendum election. Late polls show it neck and neck with a slight lead—maybe—for the Remain vote. But the pollsters, having been so wrong about the last British general election, are hedging a lot. The stock market and the betting lines—perhaps better predictors than the polls—are both tilting to Remain.

For now it is worth taking in some summarized versions of the closing argument made in London yesterday by the very impressive Michael Gove and Boris Johnson:

You can find lots more on the “Vote Leave” YouTube channel.