The Week in Pictures: Big Gorilla Edition

Thought experiment: just suppose that the gorilla in the Cincinnati zoo was named “Trump” instead of “Harambe?” Wonder if the reaction would have been the same? Just say “Trump” around liberals these days, and see how high they jump. You don’t even need to ask how high. At least there wasn’t a Minnesota dentist involved this time. Meanwhile, we’re down to the last primary week of this election cycle, and the main event will begin. Oh goody!

Gorilla Experts copy If I Ran the Zoo copy Gorilla Killed copy Gorilla v. Chicago copy Gorilla Election copy

Cosby Gorilla copy

Gorilla Hillary copy

Gorilla bathrooms copy

Clinched Clecnhed copy Not Hillary's Droids copy Hillary Error copy Hillary @ copy Hillary Death Star plans copy Hillary skeletons copy Hillary Cabinet copy Self Serve Hillary copy

Hillary Trust me copy Clinton Nookie Moster copy Bernie to Venezuela copy More Free Stuff copy Bernie vs Meteor copy Bernie Donuts copy Comrade Bernie copy

Dems to 68 copy

Trump Media Dogs copy

Trump Miedia 3 copy Trump media 2 copy Trump Media copy

Trump Disaster copy

Kristol Candidate copy

Bigoted Toilet copy Self Identify Chess copy

Evolution U-turn copy

Kids at Home copy Rocky Without Stallone copy Great Grandmother Phone copy Col. Sanders copy

Optimist Pessimist copy Wine Glass copy gun rights copy Star Wars reference copy Jabba james Brown copy British are Coming copy

And finally. . .

Hot 329 copy