The Week in Pictures: Glassy-Eyed Edition

So Hillary has supposedly broken through the “glass ceiling” by being the first woman to achieve a major party nomination. Margaret Thatcher and Golda Meir are yawning in the great beyond, especially since they never asked voters to vote for them because of their lady parts. And they made it entirely on their own, rather than on the tails (heh) of her husband. Somehow I can’t escape thinking of “Shattered Glass,” the movie about fabulist Stephen Glass; like Glass, Hillary makes everything up. Bernie? Bernie who?

Anyway, extra big bonus line up this week.

Golda Mier copy

Hillary Ceiling copy Hllary Ceiling 2 copy

Hillary Shattered copy Hillary Rasp copy Obama endorses Hillary copy

Hillary's codes copy Jake from Satte Farm copy Hillary Pypocrisy copy Who Wore It Better copy
Superdelegates copy Hillary v Bernie copy Hillary robot copy

Hillary Millstone copy Hillary bombs copy Ha Ha Hillary? copy

Bernie Intrudes 2 copy Sanders Intrudes copy

Bernie Ride Over copy

Election choice copy Angry Bird copy Hillary v Donald copy Gutfelds Choices copy

Libertarian Weirdos copy Gpth for Trump copy Man Woman Liberal copy China Red Line copy Trump Judiciary copy Hillary on Trump copy Trump's Press Corps copy Trump Job Fairs copy Trump Hillary Books copy

Climate make Believe copy Sir Cumference copy Phsyics sticker copy Burnout copy Unattended Laptops copy Blue Oyster Cult copy Yoo Says not copy Blazing Saddles copy Meat Clown copy Eat Bacon 2 copy All Bran Cereal copy

Make Venezeula Great copy Trans GMO copy Outhouse pic copy

And finally (or up first for those of you who read this feature from the bottom up). . .

Hot Mars copy