Warning: “This will make your blood boil”

It’s hard to keep up with the news regarding Hillary’s Clinton’s private email server for her official business as Secretary of State. The facts are on their face are outrageous and disgraceful. The nature of the facts is reflected in the thoroughgoing falsity of everything Clinton has had to say on the subject with great conviction. Speaking of conviction…well, I can dream.

The Russian hacking of the DNC obviously bears on the subject. This is a complicated subject by itself. See Bill Gertz’s Free Beacon story “The cyber threat: Russian hackers behind DNC breach seeking to influence U.S. election.” The DNC consultant CrowdStrike stands by their attribution of the hacking to Russian authorities “Bears in the midst: Intrusion into the Democratic National Committee.”

Let these stories cast their light on the FOX News report by Catherine Herridge and Pamela Browne: “Top IT official: Disabling security for Clinton server laid out ‘welcome mat’ for hackers.”

And then we have this story by Tim Cushing at TechDirt, from the aptly named breaking-badly department: “Emails show Hillary Clinton’s email server was a massive security headache, set up to route around FOIA requests.”

Jonathan Turley adds “New evidence indicates multiple hacking attempts and the disabling of security protections for Clinton server.”

A friend who forwards these stories to me comments: “This will make your blood boil.” Consider yourself warned.


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