Academic Atrocity of the Week: I Have No Idea. . .

Even I, steeled as I am in academic absurdity, had to wonder whether this article from Qualitative Inquiry wasn’t a Sokal-style hoax:

The A/Un/grammatical Child/hood/s and Writing

Nature/Culture Edusemiotic Entangling With Affective Outside Encounters and Sustainability Events to Come

Anne B. Reinertsen, Queen Maud University College,Trondheim, Norway


This is about creating new ontologisations of sustainable child/hood/s and/as exceeding forms of contracts between generations through experimenting with bodily affects and sensing movements. Experimenting as writing that is and doing with texts to foster patterns of becomings, thus affirming the positive structure of difference: Writing as opening the self up to possible encounters with affective outsides, collapsing divides in me and simultaneously possibilizing child/hood/s as (a) matrix of becoming. This is about turning early childhood and care institutions and schools into postdiagnosis localities or places of transition, their main task becoming that of not passing on traditions but to prepare for future contingent events. Teaching children to act in disagreement that is and drivers of processes and change through creating better—as in minor—languages for being and doing differently together.

Glad the author managed to work “sustainability” in there.

Once again, yours for a mere $36 from Sage Publications.