Donald Trump: “Extreme vetting” for French and Germans

Donald Trump says that people from France and Germany could face “extreme vetting” before entering the United States because their countries have been “compromised by terrorism.” Trump also argued that France and Germany are to blame for the terrorism that is “compromising” them. “It’s their own fault,” he said. “They allowed people to come into their territory.”

Trump isn’t wrong to blame immigration policy for the terrorism rocking France and Germany. As for “extreme vetting,” it’s not clear what Trump has in mind.

I doubt that the U.S. has anything to fear from the 90 to 95 percent of French and Germans who are non-Muslims. The fact that they have elected politicians with bad immigration policies doesn’t make them a threat to us — only to themselves.

I’m pretty sure my French wife could pass muster in the event of “extreme vetting.” She was, however, born and raised in Iran (her parents worked there).

Fortunately, my wife is already here in the (for now) friendly confines of the U.S.A.


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