From the Trump National Doral

I’m taking a sort of working vacation at the Pritikn Health Resort & Spa in Miami. My theory was that the “working” part would come in Pritikin’s location at the Trump National Doral Miami; Pritikin leases part of the propety from the Trump National Doral. My thought was that I would scout out the property to see what we could learn about Mr. Trump.

At my physical this morning, I got a little “work” bonus as I waited with Rep. Charlie Rangel for our first meeting with staff physician for a history and exam. At age 86, Rangel is still representing New York’s 13th CD. “Charles,” as he was called by the staff, didn’t seem too happy to be recognized when I greeted him and introduced myself. I’m going to try to warm him up a little bit to see if he might be willing to share any observations of interest to Power Line readers.

I am stationed in the Phil Mickelson Villa of the Trump National Doral Miami. I can report that the beautiful (need I add yuge?) room is stocked with products from the Trump Hotel Collection: Trump shampoo, Trump conditioner, Trump body lotion, all “Made in Canada.” Comes the Trump revolution, is the Trump Hotel Collection safe?

Journalistic opponents of Trump have a couple of interesting pieces out today. These aren’t for Trump enthusiasts, but I do think they are, as I say, interesting.

One is Jane Mayer’s New Yorker article “Donald Trump’s ghostwriter tells all.” Mayer doesn’t mention Dave Shiflett’s discussions of his work as a ghostwriter for Trump, but they are interesting as well. James Freeman interviewed Shiflett about the experience for the Wall Street Journal (accessible via Google here. Shiflett himself wrote about the experience in “Another time, another Trump” (accessible via Google here). The other piece out today is McKay Coppins’s BuzzFeed piece “Confessions of a ‘dishonest slob.'”

Bill Kristol and Jonah Goldberg talk about their antipathy to Trump in the first hour of Bill’s most recent Conversatoin, posted in chapters here (video below). Again, this is not for Trump enthusiasts.

Toward the end of the interview, Jonah recommends a few books that proved influential in his intellectual development as a conservative. In this part of the discussion I completely identify with Jonah’s invocation of his father: “My dad’s idea of vacation was going from one side of the couch to the other side of the couch to read a different book or a different magazine.”


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