It’s Kaine

As expected, Hillary Clinton has named Sen. Tim Kaine to be her running mate. I discussed what I think this means earlier today.

The mainstream media likes to portray Kaine as a “centrist” and a “bridge builder.” The reality is quite different.

In the Senate, Kaine almost always votes the liberal line. The American Conservative Union consistently gives him a zero rating. Same with the Eagle Forum. With Americans for Prosperity and Heritage Action, he’s in single digits.

Kaine is a practicing Catholic, but a reliable pro-abortion vote. He gets a zero from the Family Research Council and 100 percent from NARAL and Planned Parenthood.

Though at times he talked a good game on the problems with the Iran nuclear deal, in the end he voted for it, to no one’s surprise.

This is the New York Times’ idea of a moderate.

What can honestly be said in Kaine’s favor is that he’s capable and knowledgeable. At least, that’s what I’ve always heard from people I trust. To my knowledge, he’s also scandal free, certainly a plus if your running mate is Hillary Clinton.

Kaine is likely to impress, in a modest sort of way, on the campaign trail. In this respect, he’s similar, I think, to Mike Pence. And if he becomes vice president, Kaine will represent a significant improvement over the clown who currently holds that position. (Kaine was rumored to be Barack Obama’s second choice in 2008.)

There have been elections in which voters have lamented that both parties offer better candidates in the VP slot than at the top of the ticket. I doubt this has ever been more true than in 2016.


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