Join Steve Hayward and Me at Two Live Events Next Week

If you live within driving distance of the Twin Cities, you are invited to two events next week, both sponsored by Center of the American Experiment, the think tank that I run. Coincidentally, Steve Hayward will be in town next week, so he will be a participant in one event and a guest at the other.

On Wednesday, July 27, the Center will co-sponsor a showing of the documentary Climate Hustle, about the dark underside of the global warming movement. (Our co-sponsor is the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers – Microwave Theory and Techniques Society for the Twin Cities.) The showing will be at Hopkins Cinema 6, 1118 Main Street, in Hopkins, Minnesota 55343. And it is free! As an added bonus, if you want to stick around for a while after the film, Steve and I will lead a discussion of the movie and the global warming issue generally.


You can go here to register online, or else just call Samantha Peterson at 612-584-4559.

The following day, July 28, is Milton Friedman’s birthday, and the Center is putting on its annual party in Friedman’s honor. Rebecca Friedrichs, the plaintiff in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, will be our featured guest and will talk about employee freedom. (If the case isn’t familiar, it was decided last term in the Supreme Court. If Justice Scalia hadn’t died, Rebecca would have won a landmark decision on a 5-4 vote. Because Scalia wasn’t there, the court split 4-4, thereby affirming the 9th Circuit decision that went in favor of the teachers’ union.)

This should be a really fun event. Assuming no thunderstorm, it will take place on a rooftop garden at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown Minneapolis. It is scheduled to begin at 5:30 and go until 8 p.m. Steve and I will be there but don’t have a role other than perhaps drinking a beer or two. If you can make it, please say hello.


The Friedman party costs $25. You can register here, or else, once again, call Samantha Peterson at 612-584-4559.

I hope a lot of PL readers will show up at both of these events. They both should be informative as well as a good time.


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