Kaine vs. Pence

I had no idea Mike Pence was such a reactionary. Consider some of his past positions, as reported by NR’s Jim Geraghty:

“I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman and that marriage is a uniquely valuable institution that must be preserved.” “I supported reducing sales tax on food and prescription drugs. I supported tax reform that eliminated the marriage penalty, reduced everyone’s income tax, and took over 140,000 [people] off the tax rolls entirely.” He believed in enforcing “the current restrictions on abortion and passing an enforceable ban on partial birth abortion that protects the life and health of the mother” and “fighting teen pregnancy through abstinence-focused education.” His campaign literature promised, that he “strongly supports the Second Amendment. As the next Governor, he will not propose any new gun laws.”

Oh, wait, that was Tim Kaine when he ran for governor of Virginia in 2005. Maybe Mike Pence should praise his record in Virginia when they debate. Heh.

Gereghty adds this fun note:

Maybe Kaine and Hillary bonded over how lucrative life in elected office can be. While he was governor, Kaine received $186,899 in gifts and travel – Redskins tickets, cases of wine, etcetera. He didn’t get in legal trouble the way Bob McDonnell did because he disclosed all of the gifts on the proper forms.

Well, it’s okay then if he filled out the right forms.


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