Syrian refugee murders woman in Germany [Update: Suicide Bomber In Bavaria]

Today, a 21-year-old refugee from Syria killed a woman with a machete in southwestern Germany. Police apprehended the murderer after a motorist deliberately ran him over. The man previously had been charged with causing bodily harm in an incident the police declined to describe.

The fatal attack on the woman does not appear to have been an act of terrorism. Police believe the act stemmed from “relationship difficulties” between the killer and his victim. Apparently, the two worked together in a kebab restaurant.

The police have not yet been able to identify the victim. It’s possible that she too was a refugee.

This makes three gruesome attacks in one week by young men of Middle Eastern descent living in Germany. Two of the three attackers were refugees.

Last Monday, a 17-year-old refugee from Afghanistan armed with a knife and an ax injured five people in an attack that took place on a train. On Friday, an Iranian-German opened fire in a Munich shopping center, killing nine people and injuring 15 more. And today, we have the machete killer.

Two of these three incidents appear to have nothing to do with terrorism. The same is true, I think of the sexual assaults — reportedly more than 1,000 of them — that took place in Germany on New Year’s Eve.

But the potential for terrorism isn’t the only reason to be concerned about mass immigration from the Middle East and certain other parts of the Muslim world. The standards of behavior that apply in such countries, especially as they apply to women, are lower than the ones that apply in countries like Germany and the United States.

Germany is learning this the hard way. I hope that well-intentioned activists in the U.S. don’t inflict the same lesson on America.

JOHN adds this UPDATE: Another day, another Allahu Akbar in Germany. This time, it is a suicide bomber at a music festival in Bavaria:

A suspected suicide attacker has died and 10 people have been injured in an explosion near a music festival in southern Germany.

The explosive device is believed to have detonated at around 10pm local time on Sunday as the man carried it through a busy area in Ansbach, Bavaria, where the open air event, full of some 2,500 revellers, was taking place.

He is thought to have been turned away from the festival.

Which perhaps averted a worse death toll.

I can’t imagine that ten percent of Germans now believe that Angela Merkel’s open door immigration policy was a good idea. And yet, the U.S. is following the same misguided policies. Can we please learn from Europe’s experience, rather than being dumb enough to duplicate their folly here?

This photo shows the aftermath of the suicide bombing:


The Obama administration’s policies promise to bring similar scenes to our shores. Why? Can anyone explain why this could possibly be a good idea?

ONE MORE THING: I am simply assuming that the suicide bomber, who has not yet been identified, was a Muslim immigrant, or perhaps the son of a Muslim immigrant. I suppose it is remotely possible that he was a Lutheran or an atheist. But that isn’t likely, as we all know from experience.


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