The countess is not for turning

When it comes to a life of crime and the related imperatives, the Countess of Chappaqua is a hard-core offender. Like her husband, she is one tough case. Having skated from the email scandal, she persists in the talking points that FBI Director James Comey destroyed (if he did nothing else) in his statement and testimony this week.

Clinton appeared on CNN for a post-Comey interview with Wolf Blitzer on Friday. Mediate has extracted the discussion of “the sensitive issue of the email investigation,” as Blitzer gingerly called it. Mediate has posted the video here; I have embedded the version posted on YouTube below.

The countess appreciates the work of the Department of Justice in the investigation–formerly known as a “security review.” (She especially appreciates the get-out-of-jail free card.) She’s relieved that the investigation has concluded. (Not that she had anything to sweat about.) She wouldn’t do it again. (Do what?) Hey, it seemed like “a convenience.” (Where have we heard that before?)

Blitzer asked about the FBI’s finding of extreme carelessness in her handling of classified information. Long story short: she respectfully disagrees. “[Comey] clarified that to some extent.” She gallantly stands up for the 300 State Department professionals whom she takes as the subject of the FBI finding. She doesn’t think she sent or received classified information, or information marked classified.

She has “the highest regard” for the State Department professionals whom Comey has disparaged. She has “no reason to believe they were careless.”

The countess is not for turning.

Final question: will she cooperate with State Department internal review? She will…not answer the question.