Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll has a few thoughts about THE LEAST INTERESTING THING. She writes:

I am so sick of the fifty-year “conversation” (read: tedious harangue) on Race. But since Eric Holder called me a coward for failing to converse on race, let me weigh in. There will be three columns in a row on the subject.

Is there anything LESS interesting about a person than his skin color? But this is what decades of racial pigeonholing has wrought – 24/7 obsession with the least important marker for any real insight into other human beings. Especially, as The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King pointed out a mere 53 years ago, the content of their character.

I have a good friend whose grandson is one-fourth “black.” The child’s mother has a black father and white mother. The child therefore, has a half-black mother and a white father. He is blond and blue-eyed and about as “black” as a piece of typing paper. His sister is a pretty little girl with straight brown hair and olive skin who could pass for Hispanic, Jewish, Arab, Italian, Greek. Who cares? Neither child has ever been discriminated against in his or her life on the basis of his or her color. But when it comes time to get into college or to take a firefighter’s exam, have no doubt that both would get to jump the queue because they are “black.”

I walk the aisles of the local Walmart in my Dusty Little Village in Arizona. Race is a sillier concept here than anywhere I have ever lived. Intermarriage must be near-universal. Very few people except some Geezer-Americans and recently-arrived Mexicans can fit into one little checked box on a government race-monitoring form.

Ahead of me in the coffee aisle is a sweet family which includes a woman who is obviously part Mexican and part Native American, and a man who looks to be some kind of the recently-verboten word “oriental”, possibly Filipino, or Chinese. I’m no expert, though I heard some college hysteric lose her mind over the microaggression of being asked “So, what are you?” Well, we honestly don’t care, honey. But, we need to know since it seems to be the single-most important thing to the Diversity Drones, the Census Bureau, the bean-counters computing “gaps” in academic success, various admissions committees, the disparity of outcomes in classroom discipline monitors, applicants for head coaches in the NFL, and the political hacks setting district boundaries.

Riding in the cart of the Mexi-Indian and Asian-something parents there are two beautiful children. What race are they, for pity’s sake, besides the human race? They look happy and intelligent, not “oppressed”. They smile back at the white lady of late, late middle age.

Take a look in the toy department of Walmart or Target. Something may have happened since the last time you bought toys. The pictures on the toyboxes now routinely feature various races of both parents and children, as well as mixed play groups. The “facts on the ground’ show that the marketing culture acknowledges families formed from adoption, step-parenting, and different races reproducing together, if not precisely marrying. Somehow many many white people who are “racist in their DNA” according to our President — slandering his own mother and the family who raised him — fall in love with people of other races. Go figure.

But the leftists insist it’s 1948 in America and we’re always in danger of reverting to White Only bathrooms or worse. Remember the ever-charming Whoopi Goldberg walking off The View when John McCain was ambushed there, accusing him of intending to send her “back” to a plantation. Right. She’s picked a lot of cotton in her privileged life. Donald would have told her that the only cotton she’d seen was in a new bottle of Midol. And why not? Whom did it impress for Senator McCain to just sit there and take it?

What, pray tell, have we got to show for all this obsession with color? Surely we can’t say aloud that diversity at school or work is a chance for non-white people to observe the habits of successful middle-class white people and learn something. Horrors, just get that racist concept out of your head right now! Indeed, Western Civilization itself offers nothing of value which is why Stanford voted overwhelmingly to remove its required study!

No, it is only white people whose lives are supposed to be enriched by the presence of the non-white, what leftists call “The Other.” Presidential candidate Obama in his most unguarded moment said us bitter, gun-totin’, religious clingers were just scared of The Other. Never mind that I mothered foster sons of every color. Let us set aside the obvious fact that if you insist on cramming people into categories, then for every single person, someone is an “other.” Logic has never been Obama’s strong suit. But say we stipulate that fraternization between a whole bunch of different folks is good for the gene pool and our souls. Then there should be normal social intercourse between us so, you know, we palefaces can derive those benefits.

But that is roundly rejected in several circles. Colleges that have affirmatively admitted black students must also provide separate black dorms called Afrikan House, and black teachers for Black Studies and black counselors for when someone chalks Trump 2016 on a sidewalk. They demand separate black dining halls and black beauty pageants and black fraternities.

These Other express no interest whatsoever in getting to know white students as people, as friends, unless you count running through the college library screaming “F you, white b” as a good ice-breaker. Heck, the Other can’t even abide our eating the same food they like. The “no race-mingling” cretins of a bygone era have morphed into the Separateness and Victimhood Forever bigots of the entitlement left. Plus ça change and so forth…