Trump takes a victory lap (2)

Here’s a question with a binary “yes” or “no” answer: Does the election present a “binary choice” between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump? Hugh Hewitt argues that the answer is “yes.” Hugh’s right. Steve Hayes argues that the answer is “no.” Steve’s right.

In the words of the joke, you may ask, how can they both be right? You know, you’re right too.

Hugh conditioned his argument on the understanding that Trump would “abandon his off-the-cuff remarks, disengage from his battles with the media and methodically prosecute the case that throughout her career, [Hillary] Clinton has consistently displayed a disqualifying lack of judgment.” The morning after walking away from the GOP convention with the nomination of its party for president would have been a good time for Trump to implement Hugh’s advice.

However, that’s not what Trump had in mind (assuming he had anything in mind) when he made a televised appearance in Cleveland yesterday morning to thank volunteers for their efforts on his behalf. Trump congratulated himself on his success. “Now it was the summer of Trump, it was the autumn of Trump, it was the Christmas of Trump,” he said. “It was everything.”

Unfortunately, Trump was less interested in talking about Clinton (“boring”) than in revisiting his issues with Ted Cruz (video below, about two minutes). Mike Pence looks on impassively in the background. What is Pence thinking? I’m guessing it’s something like: Is this how Chris Christie did it? or What did I get myself into?


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