Trump’s Star of David tweet, a dissenting view

A friend and long-time reader disagrees with my post about Donald Trump’s Star of David tweet. I thought the tweet displayed incompetence; my friend (and he is not alone) sets forth a darker explanation:

Having independently ascertained on Saturday that the graphic Trump tweeted out had originated at least as early as June 22 on a web forum apparently dedicated to — to put it mildly — “politically incorrect” homemade images, I would suggest an alternative (and considerably less innocent) explanation as to how “realDonaldTrump” came to cast that particular offensive bit of bread upon the waters.

I went to the aforementioned site on Saturday, having learned of it and wanting to see for myself if the origin of the Trump graphic was indeed to be found there, and was greeted right off the bat with a more recent graphic, featuring a picture of the late Elie Weisel, with the caption “Ding, Dong, the Kike is Dead!”

See, I’m not as inclined as some to make excuses for the repulsive man that the GOP seems prepared to nominate for President. I don’t myself think that the Clinton/Star of David graphic just “migrated” into the Twittersphere, at which point some clueless Trump lackey found it, and passed it along to whatever further clueless Trump lackey happened to then be in control of Trump’s twitter handle. Trump, et al. are not, to my mind, entitled to that much benefit of the doubt.

Rather, my working assumption is that many of the persons directly associated with Trump’s “campaign” — if what Trump is engaged in at the moment can in any sense be called a “campaign” — are the persons who make a habit of frequenting white supremacist/neo-Nazi sites in search of the latest memes that their dimwitted boss can use to appeal to the misogynist, racist, Jew-hating troglodytes that seem now to constitute a plurality that calls itself the Republican party.

Is Donald Trump himself a misogynist, racist, Jew-hating troglodyte? Heavens no. I would surmise, in complete seriousness, that there is not enough substance to that shallow, self-absorbed cartoon of a man even to BE a misogynist, racist, or an anti-Semite. Perversely, for Trump to be a misogynist, a racist or an anti-Semite would actually require him a measure of introspection (albeit, in a warped form) that he rather obviously lacks. Rather, the world begins and ends with Donald Trump. Nothing, and no one else, even exists.

That said — and I suppose this is my only point — this unstable, repugnant charlatan certainly seems to be surrounded by any number of people who, while they might not be honest enough to say out loud, “Ding, Dong, the Kike is Dead,” do in fact think in such terms. They now contaminate the Republican party.

I note that you will find that some of them have even commented on your Power Line post on the matter.

Again, I’m not inclined to make excuses for such a thing, although I suppose reasonable minds can disagree. I just find it to be unfortunate if “Clinton derangement syndrome” drives otherwise sensible, sober, and responsible men to make any sort of excuse for what we’re seeing, or rationalize it away.