Tune In to Our Live YouTube VIP Event on Monday

If you are a Power Line VIP, you are invited to attend a live event on YouTube next Monday, July 25, at 4:30 Pacific, 5:30 Mountain, 6:30 Central, 7:30 Eastern. It will be the same format as our prior YouTube events: the PL gang will be on the screen, we will be talking about current events–this time, the two conventions and the state of the race–and you will be able to ask us questions if you want to.

We have done a couple of these in the past, and I think participants have enjoyed them. This is obviously a hot news cycle with lots to talk about, and I expect a freewheeling conversation.

If you are not yet a VIP member, I would urge you to consider joining. You can be a VIP for only $4 a month or $40 per year. The most important consequence of being a VIP is that you provide invaluable support to the work we do on Power Line. Your support enables us to keep it up, year after year. In addition, VIPs get most ads on the site blocked. (Blocking all ads turns out to be harder than it sounds.) And we do periodic emails, briefings and so on exclusively for VIPs.

So if you are a VIP, or become one by Monday, please tune in at 6:30 Central. We will send VIPs an email shortly before the event begins, containing the YouTube link to follow in order to participate in the live event.



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