Who speaks for America?

We live in a strange time. The president of the United States has made himself a cross between a spokesman of, and a counselor to, the racial arsonists of the Black Lives Matter crowd. He lies about the criminal justice system. At a time of national peril, Obama seems to have something other than the best interests of the United States in mind, and not just on matters racial.

By contrast, Dallas Police Chief David O. Brown strikes the perfect tone on the horror we have witnessed in Dallas. He speaks from the heart with humility. He makes cogent observations. His restraint enhances the power of his judgment. He refuses to be drawn into a discussion of policy that goes beyond the immediate tragedy in which he is called on to speak as a leader.

At the Weekly Standard, Shoshanna Weissman provides a brief account of the interview above with Chief Brown. She offers some quotable quotes. The ten minutes above are worth your time.