A Whole New Meaning of “Green” Olympics

I’m not getting in a lot of viewing of the Rio Olympics—actually, none at all—but I gather the Rio folks wanted to be “green” in the conventional environmental way. But it looks like maybe they’ve taken it a bit too far: the swimming pools are turning green from algae:

Rio Pool 2 copy Rio Pool 1 copy

As reported in the Daily Mail, the Olympic organizers “don’t know what happened,” but suspect that strong ultra-violet radiation of the tropical sun broke down the chlorine sanitizer in the pools, but perhaps copper pipes somehow did this.

Here’s a likely explanation: You didn’t use enough chlorine to keep the pool clean. Whaddya wanna bet we find out that the Rio Olympic planning committee bent to some environmentalist demand that the pools use “sustainable” and “organic” compounds for the pools? Or maybe it was on purpose to make water sport athletes less grossed out by the water quality in the Rio harbor.

And hence the new suggested logo for the Rio Olympics:

Rio 3 copy


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