Addlebrained Academic of the Week: Pharaonic What?

Of course there’s an academic journal called Violence Against Women (since 1995!), and it offers gems such as this:

Pharaonic Circumcision Under Patriarchy and Breast Augmentation Under Phallocentric Capitalism: Similarities and Differences

Tamar Diana Wilson, University of Missouri-St. Louis


In this article, the author discusses the similarities and differences between Pharaonic circumcision and reinfibulation and breast augmentation under systems of male dominance and female subordination. Despite the medical problems associated with each, women choose to be reinfibulated or have breast implants. There are systemic reasons associated with male dominance—in the case of reinfibulation, patriarchy and polygamy, and in the case of breast augmentation, institutional interests and phallocentrism—that impinge on women’s “choice” of these procedures.

Got all that?  Me neither. In any case, this article can be yours for a mere $36. And if we’re going to talk about violence against women, should we provide a more effective antidote than postmodern theory? Like a bonus pic from our Saturday morning feature? Yes, I think so:

No violence against women here.

No violence against women here.


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