Back From the North Country

You might have noticed that I have been gone for a while. My family went up North for four days to Lake Vermilion, our preferred North Woods getaway for more than 25 years. My only contribution in absentia was a Drudge link to this post on Donald Trump’s progress as a presidential candidate. Click to enlarge:

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 12.30.51 AM

Is a Drudge link exciting? Let’s put it this way: the traffic that a Drudge link sends is pretty exciting, even on a Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Going up North reminds us that Minnesota is a beautiful place, which perhaps is why we tolerate so much liberal foolishness:


That's me, fishing

That’s me, fishing

This is part of our crew on a pontoon boat. We had our whole family, including my daughter and son-in-law who returned from more than two years in Australia the day before we left, and my first grandchild, as well as two friends of my youngest daughter:




As you may remember, I am now the president of a think tank, Center of the American Experiment. We are working hard to reform Minnesota’s liberal political culture. You can follow the link to keep track of our many efforts in that regard, and if so moved, you can donate to us here.

We are Minnesota’s Think Tank, as our t-shirt proclaims:

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 8.22.31 PM

I wore the t-shirt yesterday and had to explain to several people what a think tank is. Our organization is having a real impact on Minnesota, as exemplified by this major report on Minnesota’s economy, which we released last week. It has sparked a state-wide debate and even drawn praise from the Minneapolis Star Tribune’s editorial board. Tomorrow afternoon we will be in St. Cloud, Minnesota, for a town meeting on the Center’s report and the state’s below-par economy.

If it’s August in Minnesota, along with going up North it is time for the State Fair, which begins on Thursday. This year, American Experiment will have a major presence at the fair. If you happen to live in or near Minnesota, and are thinking about attending the fair on Labor Day, please stop by the WCCO Radio booth (which happens to be next door to the Minnesota Republican Party booth). We will sponsor WCCO at the Fair on Labor Day and will be at the WCCO booth, handing out our most recent literature and a hot-off-the-press edition of Thinking Minnesota, our quarterly magazine.

This is the current quarter's magazine

This is the current quarter’s magazine

If you make it to the fair on Labor Day, please stop by and say hello. You can even register to win an American Experiment t-shirt or hat*. Here is the hat; we considered “Make Minnesota Great Again,” but decided on this instead:


Hard at work, enjoying the great outdoors and advancing the cause of conservatism: a combination that is tough to beat.

*If you won’t be at the fair on Labor Day or don’t want to take your chances on a drawing, you can order a t-shirt or hat by emailing Samantha Peterson, [email protected]


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