Campaign 2016

Have we ever had an election season where so many voters were trying to select the lesser of two evils? I don’t think so; certainly not in my lifetime. A couple of weeks ago, trying to sum up the American election for an Australian television audience on Andrew Bolt’s Sky News program, I said that the biggest thing Donald Trump has going for him is that he gets to run against Hillary Clinton, while Hillary’s best break is that she gets to run against Donald Trump. Amazingly enough, someone is going to win this thing.

Michael Ramirez sums up the present moment beautifully:


All of that said, I am becoming a stronger Trump partisan day by day. The forces arrayed against him are so disgusting, the dirty tricks they use so appalling, and the consequences of a Hillary victory so frightening, that I have become an enthusiastic Trump supporter, even though my opinion of Donald himself hasn’t changed a bit. At this point, in my view, the election has little to do with Trump and everything to do with forestalling the Left’s most ambitious power grab ever.


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