Common Sense From a British Muslim

Amir Khan, a British fighter, is one of the world’s top welterweights. His trainer Tam Khan (no relation, I believe) recently took to Facebook to express his opinions on Britain’s Muslim turmoil. Through my son, I have more contact with the world of boxing than most people, and have come to view the fight scene as an oasis of sanity (with, of course, some exceptions). So I wasn’t surprised to see that Mr. Khan’s perspective is sensible. This was his Facebook post; click each segment to enlarge if necessary:


Amir Khan (L) and Tam Khan

Amir Khan (L) and Tam Khan

Mr. Khan’s post was wildly popular; it got 148,000 likes and 126,000 shares. Wow, Facebook must love that sort of action!

Not exactly: Facebook responded by deleting Khan’s account. But it was restored after Facebook said the deletion was a “mistake.” My question: does Facebook ever delete liberals’ accounts by mistake? We never seem to hear about that particular error.

But that’s a small point. The real message is that if you thought Tam Khan made a lot of sense, you are not alone. It’s a bit of optimism at a rather grim moment.