Fight Climate Change: Go to Jail

If you’ve been wondering why “progressive” mayors like Bill de Blasio are so indifferent to rising crime and disorder, wonder no longer: It’s just another means of fighting climate change! I kid you not.

From the New York Times science page yesterday:

How Lowering Crime Could Contribute to Global Warming

By Tatiana Schlossberg

It sounds simple: If something has a big carbon footprint and you get rid of it, you eliminate those carbon dioxide emissions. Right?

But it’s not always that easy. In a recent study published in The Journal of Industrial Ecology, researchers at the Center for Environmental Strategy at the University of Surrey in England estimated the annual carbon footprint of crime in England and Wales, and found that reducing crime could actually cause society’s overall carbon footprint of society to increase.

Oh no—can’t tolerate a higher carbon footprint! Better to tolerate some broken windows instead. Those rioters in Baltimore and Ferguson? They’re just climate change activists helping the planet.

It just doesn’t get any better than this. The Klimate Karnival has gone from the comical to the absurd. Gives a whole new paradoxical meaning to “climate criminal.” Green Weenies all around.