If she’s moving her lips (2)

I’ve now listened to Hillary Clinton’s interview with Chris Wallace several times and remain in awe of the stream of lies that erupts like a gusher in response to Wallace’s few pointed questions. At 15:00 of the video (below), for example, Wallace asks Clinton about the private email server that she used for her official State Department business. Everything she says is premeditated, cold-blooded, false and fraudulent.

Consider her characterization of the misconduct giving rise to the scandal. Let us pay special attention to this, for it is truly twisted. At 16:35, she characterizes her “mistake” in using the private Clinton email server as “not using two different email addresses.” That’s what she said. Really.

The manifold falsity of this characterization of her “mistake” is astounding. She deserves some kind of recognition for the skill she puts into it. For the moment, let us just observe that Hillary Clinton’s relationship to the truth is akin to a mass murderer’s relationship with his victims. She is a Charles Manson of falsehood.