In search of Rachelle

We keep getting personal email messages sent to Power Line from the Clinton campaign mysteriously addressed to “Rachelle.” I don’t even know a “Rachelle” who spells her name like that. Subject: “Our numbers are dipping, Rachelle” — I guess that’s today’s good news — here is today’s message:

Let’s talk about the state of the campaign, Rachelle.

Our poll numbers are holding steady, which is good. We’re growing our field organization, building out neighborhood teams in communities all over the country — which is even better.

But that’s happening at a time when our fundraising levels are, frankly, dipping. It seems that with our convention in the rearview mirror and pundits constantly saying that “momentum” is on our side, a lot of people believe that we have this locked up and that donations don’t matter anymore.

Rachelle, that’s how elections are lost. We have to remind ourselves that it’s only August — and that Donald Trump has more than enough time to find his way to a win by November. After all, he’s already raising nearly as much money as we are and may even pull ahead in the weeks to come.

You’ve already done a ton to help us out. I know that, and Hillary knows that. But if we’re going to win this thing in 79 days, we need to up our fundraising game. Today.

Can we count on you to chip in now and claim your free Team Hillary sticker? We don’t want to see what’ll happen on Election Day if our fundraising numbers continue to slide.

A dollar now means so much more than a dollar in October or November. A donation now means another organizer in the field. It means another ad on TV. And it means another Get Out the Vote event in a battleground state in the final stretch of the race.

So please, can you help us out? It would mean a lot:



Robby Mook
Campaign Manager
Hillary for America

Robby is welcome, of course, and I appreciate his personal touch, but we’re keeping our hands in our pockets. Give him credit for this much; Robby has our potential pegged just about right at $1.00. If we were in a giving mood, however, our buck wouldn’t be going to the Clinton campaign. If anyone has Rachelle’s forwarding address, please let us know.


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