Live from Council Bluffs, it’s Mike Pence

Nebraska attorney Dave Begley has filed another of his reports from Council Bluffs, this one on the appearance of GOP vice presidential candidate Mike Pence. Close readers may observe that Pence’s positive case for Trump is a little thin. Dave reports:

Governor Mike Pence appeared in Council Bluffs, Iowa on Monday night. He has the personality of a likable guy. He should be effective in raising money and getting votes in key Midwestern swing states.

He made news in two respects. Governor Pence met with the parents of Iowa native Sarah Root. The full heartbreaking story is reported by the Des Moines Register here. The short version is that Sarah had just graduated from college, with honors, when a drunk illegal alien hit her car in Omaha and killed her. The illegal alien was able to get out of jail on bond for some reason that is still not clear to me; he has not been seen since.

Donald Trump referred to this case during his acceptance speech and Pence did so himself on Monday. Nebraska’s and Iowa’s Senators have introduced a bill to stop further tragedies like this. Considering that Sarah Root was just one year older than my youngest daughter I have been especially moved by this horrible case. If we had a real border, Sarah Root would be alive today. This loss was not an “acceptable loss” as the Democrat’s open borders policy would have you believe.

The second item was that protesters interrupted the Governor’s speech. I think the chant was: “Stop the hate.” Typical Democrat non sequitur. I was surprised the Dems would pick on a vice presidential candidate. Perhaps they are nervous; perhaps they’re following the Democratic tradition.

The speech itself was workmanlike in a good way. It was divided into three parts. The first part was devoted to advocating for Donald Trump. He hit the main points. Trump is a fighter. Trump is a doer and not a talker. Trump has been attacked by the Dems and media and is still standing. Trump understands average people. Pence cited Trump’s speech on economics in Detroit on Monday and asserted its main points: a 15 percent corporate tax rate and a moratorium on all regulations. New or rewritten trade deals are also part of the package.

The second part constituted an attack on both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Here Pence held out Hillary Clinton as representing the failed status quo while Trump-Pence represents change. One of his lines was to the effect that the American people have been told by the Democrats that this is as good as it gets while that would not be the case with the Republicans in the White House. American greatness; not mediocrity with 1 percent growth.

Hillary’s agenda is stale and old. The Indiana governor said Hillary’s acceptance speech was so boring that he had a hard time staying awake during it just like Bill Clinton did. Again, Madam Hillary represents the status quo. Hillary will tax and spend in the the failed fashion of Obama: “Let’s decide here and now that Hillary will never be elected.”

Pence whacked Obama hard and I was glad to see that. President Obama is of the opinion that Donald Trump is both “unfit” to serve as President and “woefully unprepared.” Pence’s line, “Obama should know about being woefully unprepared.” He condemned the cash for hostages ransom deal with Iran and the disastrous $150 billion payday for Iran; Mrs. Clinton had a hand in the latter. For the Iran deal alone, according to Pence, Madam Hillary is disqualified from office.

The third part of his speech was the Pence family legal immigration and American dream story. He urged the crowd to talk to their friends and neighbors and ignore the TV ads and cable news shows. Get out the vote.

A final note. When the candidate was working the rope line I told him his speech would be written up by me for Power Line. He gave me his “heartfelt thanks” and I felt good about that.