Obama jumps on the pig pile

The Trump Train rumbles on toward its likely Wreck on November 8. Indeed, it has picked up speed over the past few days. The engineer appears almost willfully to be driving in the wrong direction.

The adage attributed to Napoloeon holds that one should never interfere with an enemy when he is engaged in the process of destroying himself. In response to what looked to me to have been a planted question, President Obama launched into a five-minute monologue in which he declared Donald Trump unfit to be president and called on Republicans to renounce their tepid support of Donald Trump (imperfect transcript here, video below).

Obama might be interfering with the enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself. More likely, however, he seeks to widen the damage that the Wreck will inflict on the Republican Party he detests. He wants to heighten the fence that Republicans running for office seek to straddle.

Obama’s statement is full of the condescension, projection and bad faith to which we have grown accustomed over his two terms. He calls out Trump’s lack of basic knowledge. He criticizes Trump’s lack of prepration for the office. He disparages Trump’s lack of reverence for the rule of law. He professes his respect for the fitness of John McCain and Mitt Romney to hold the office. It would all be very touching if it weren’t so patently phony.

There is a certain irony in Obama’s statement on Trump. It is unpresidential. It is out of keeping with the traditions of the office. It betrays a certain lack of fitness for the office on Obama’s part.


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