State Fair

The Minnesota State Fair is one of the world’s great social gatherings. It is, by common consent, the most remarkable fair of them all. And, at a time when one might think that cultural currents are moving in a direction antithetical to such traditional entertainments, the Minnesota Fair is booming, more than ever.



So it makes sense that my think tank, Center of the American Experiment, will have a substantial presence at the Fair this year. Tomorrow morning, I will join my friend Ed Morrissey on the air at my old radio station, AM 1280 the Patriot, from 8 to 10 a.m., broadcasting live from the Fair. If you are not lucky enough to live in Minnesota, you can listen online.

Ed and I may discuss some of the major news stories of the day–like the only story anyone in Minnesota is focused on, the catastrophic knee injury suffered today by Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. Then again, we may stick to Fair-related topics like grilling, Ed’s current obsession. During commercial breaks, I will stuff Patriot bags with copies of our recent report on Minnesota’s weak blue-state economy.

MN Economy

Somewhere along the way, I will swing by the Agriculture building and check out this year’s seed art. As we have noted several times in the past, seed art, when it is political, tends to be weirdly left-wing.


Reportedly, this year the seed artists are mostly celebrating Prince. But there is space left over to bash Donald Trump:

cst 111990 State Fair crop art

Apparently some of the left-wing seed artists are still stung by commentary we have leveled at them in past years:

[I]n general, when crop artists get political, they tend to be left-leaning, say many of the competitors.

Crop art competitor Cathy Camper said that’s been the trend as a new generation of younger crop artists started getting interested in the medium. Over the years, Camper has done crop art portraits of Malcolm X, Haile Selassie and Frida Kahlo.

“Where else can you have your artwork viewed by thousands of people?” she said.

“We get a lot of grief from right-wing blogs,” Anderson said.

That would be us.

On Labor Day, American Experiment will sponsor WCCO radio at the Fair. At the WCCO booth, we will raffle off American Experiment t-shirts and hats, pass out the brand-new issue of our magazine, Thinking Minnesota–a special State Fair edition–and generally make trouble for the Left.


If by any chance you live nearby, please stop by and say hello, both tomorrow and on Labor Day. The thing about being a conservative is that it is lots of fun. There is no better occasion to showcase the upbeat spirit of the right than the world’s greatest state fair.